Extraction Sterling

Extraction Sterling

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Are you looking for teeth extraction in Sterling?

Your dentist will always do everything possible to save a damaged tooth, however, in some cases, a tooth’s extraction is necessary, for your oral and overall health. At PK Cosmetic & Family, we use state-of-the-art technology to provide tooth extraction Sterling that is prompt, gentle and precise. If you require an emergency extraction, our experienced dentists and professional staff will make every effort to see you as immediately as possible.

Extraction Sterling

When a tooth cannot be treated or restored, it may need to be removed to prevent damage to the surrounding teeth and their supporting structures. Your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination and use diagnostic films, as needed, to determine if extraction is the best approach.  It may be necessary to extract teeth that are infected or deeply decayed, or that have been fractured in an accident. Never hesitate to contact your dentist if you are experiencing a toothache or a dental injury; your dentist will provide immediate care to alleviate your symptoms and prevent subsequent damage.

The wisdom teeth are especially susceptible to decay and infection. This is because they commonly grow in improperly positioned or on a collision course to neighboring teeth, making them difficult to clean and prone to harboring bacteria. And, wisdom teeth often do not have adequate space to emerge and become impacted, which will require them to be extracted. In other cases, a tooth extraction may become necessary when a child’s baby tooth is reluctant to fall out, affecting the proper emergence and positioning of the permanent tooth. In such situations, removing the child’s baby tooth is usually quite straight-forward, simple and swift for your dentist to perform. Throughout your tooth extraction Sterling, your dentist will keep you well-informed and at ease, carefully explaining what you can expect during this procedure, and keeping you comfortable throughout. Following your extraction, your dentist will guide you on follow-up care and discuss your options for replacing your extracted tooth, if needed, with methods such as dental implants or a fixed bridge.

If you require an extraction Sterling, visit us at PK Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, for the highest quality dental healthcare in a friendly, relaxing environment. We provide the compassionate, gentle treatment that you deserve. To learn more, give us a call today.

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