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Toothache in Sterling

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Are you suffering from a toothache in Sterling?

A dental emergency can be an inconvenient and stressful situation that requires prompt and compassionate care from a highly skilled dentist. Whether you’re suffering from a toothache in Sterling, a traumatic injury, or dealing with a broken dental prosthetic, at PK Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we deliver precise and gentle treatment, when you need it the most. Our practice prioritizes your urgent condition and offers same-day appointments, as well as extended morning and evening hours.

Toothache in Sterling

A dental emergency can occur any time of day or night, and may be unforeseeable, which is why it is important to have a plan in place and a local dentist you can count on. Your experienced dentist and professional staff are here to handle a range of dental emergencies; we are here to help when you have a toothache in Sterling. A toothache is marked by persistent pain, which may be accompanied by fever or swelling. It is important that you do not ignore these symptoms, as they may indicate an underlying problem, such as infection or decay that extends to the nerves of your tooth. Your dentist will be able to diagnose the cause of your pain and provide you with much needed relief. A traumatic injury, such as an avulsed or fractured tooth, is another condition that should never be ignored. Getting the care you need right away is the best way to achieve a favorable prognosis for the damaged tooth. Not all dental emergencies, however, cause physical pain or damage to natural tooth structure; a broken denture is another type of dental emergency that our practice takes seriously. Your denture plays an important role in your ability to perform important daily tasks: eating, speaking, and affecting your appearance as well. We’ll repair or replace your denture without delay; we do everything possible to schedule an emergency appointment, provide treatment and perform repairs as immediately as possible.

At PK Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we are here to treat your toothache in Sterling, or any other dental emergency you may face, with state-of-the-art care. We accept most major insurance plans. To learn more about our practice, please call us today – and keep our phone number handy for when you need it most.


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